Old Circulars


Eligibility For Admission

New admission is taken only for Nursery, L.K.G & XI classes. In case of other classes, new admission will be considered only if a vacancy exists. For Nursery and L.K.G. the child should attain the age of 3 & 31/2 years respectively as on 1st April.


  • 75% attendance is essential for promotion to the next higher class.
  • 75% attendance is essential for appearing in CBSE Board Examination as per CBSE norms and it is mandatory.
  • Filling up of the Board forms by the students does not guarantee that they will be issued Admit Cards as well. Students who have less than the required attendance as per CBSE norms will not be issued the Admit Cards for Board Exams and the school will not be responsible for further consequences.
  • No leave is granted except on prior application from parents/guardians for genuine reasons.
  • In case of sickness, a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner has to be submitted.
  • Repeated absence without leave or unexplained leave for six consecutive days renders a student liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls.
  • It is compulsory for a student to attend the school on the day preceding and the day following Summer Vacation, Puja Vacation and Winter Vacation.

The Senior Secondary section of our school is a trend setter in the area. The school offers Science, Commerce and Humanities stream at +2 levels. The admission to class Xi (Science, Commerce and Humanities Stream) is given on merit of class X board result.

A candidate may opt for one of the following groups:


(Group ‘A’ – PCM Subjects)                                 (Group ‘B’ – PCB Subjects)

1.       English                                                                       1.       English

2.       Physics                                                                       2.       Physics

3.       Chemistry                                                                  3.       Chemistry

4.       Mathematics                                                              4.       Biology

5.       Comp. Sc./Eco./Hindi/Skt./MW & T                          5.       Maths

6.       Physical Education                                                    6.       Physical Education


1.       English

2.       Business Studies

3.       Accountancy

4.       Economics

5.       Maths/I.P./Hindi/Skt.

6.       Physical Education


1.       English

2.       Hindi/Sanskrit

3.       Political Science

4.       History

5.       Economics

6.       Physical Education/I.P./MW & T

A candidate may take a minimum of five subjects in total but can opt for one more as additional subject if desired, subject to the approval of the Principal and the Director. Environmental Education will be taught in all the streams.

A.        Physical & Health Education (Internal)

Note : A student of Class XI may by the permission of the Principal & Director change one subject within one month of his/her admission.

B.        Class XII : The Learning areas are the same as those for class XI.

Note : Students are not allowed to change any subject in Class XII.

Normally, the school does not entertain admission in Class X and XII.

Progress Report

  • Parents are kept regularly informed of their wards academic progress and participation in co-curricular activities.
  • Two Summative Assessment are conducted during the academic year.

Beside these, Formative Assessment tests are conducted periodically.

Promotion is granted on the basis of the whole year’s performance.

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