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Interact Club

Today’s young people will become tomorrow’s parents, professionals, business leaders and community leaders. With the help of programs that let you Interact, they can gain tools and shills necessary to develop into responsible productive members of the society. Now is the time to focus on the future. This can be done by challenging New Generation to test their talents, develop new skills and confront issues they will face in their lifetime. The Interact Club can instill in its members life skills that can be shared with others for generations to come.


The goal of the Interact Club is to encourage and foster the advancement of International understanding; goodwill and peace through a world of fellowship of youth united in the ideal of survive.

Joining the Interact Club has been made compulsory for classes IX, X, XI and XII. It will organize variety of projects and activities. However, within the Interact Program, the club will take activities to enhance leadership skills, serve the community and expand international understanding. The club will provide important experience and opportunities for the personal development of each Interaction. The project often address today’s most critical issues such as AIDS, Hunger, The Environment and Illiteracy.

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