Old Circulars

House Activities

The school is divided into six houses. Each house represents the color given to it. Students wear T-shirts, Belt and socks of their respective houses on every Saturday along with white canvas shoes. The house system inculcates feeling of belongingness amongst staff members and students, which ignite the spirit of being competitive, thus working to their maximum output so that perfect and best performance is produced in various areas. An investiture ceremony is held at the school, at which an oath is taken and their offices are conferred upon them by the Principal. These positions help to give the students a sense of self-discipline and responsibility and above all love for their alamater. Various activities are held to promote the self expression of the child and to accentuate the growth of personality.  At this stage, the urge for self activity in the child himself is great. So special care is taken to direct the energy of the child for educative purposes .These activities help him learn a number of social traits e.g., co-operation while engaged in group activities, sharing the responsibilities with others, and acquiring the habits of team work. The classes at this level are involved in a variety of class room activities during language periods especially. They engage in debating important issues related to students’ life, speeches and declamations. They enact dramas in the classrooms and organize Radio/ T.V shows which comprise of interviews, advertisements, songs, talks among others. There is an inter-class talent show held each year to bring out the hidden talents. Participation of students’ projects in Science Fair is a regular feature.

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