Old Circulars

Principal’s Message


Dear Parents

In today’s highly competitive and fast  paced world, there is absolutely no room for lethargy or complacency; we  need to excel not only in the field of academics but at the same time  we have to keep ourselves abreast in non- academic achievements too. The  need of the hour is that the parents, teachers as well as society has  to work in tandem, in order to instill in our children, those values and  ethics that will help them become competent professionals and good  human beings and shall contribute richly to the growth of nation.

Our school imparts holistic education  based on Vedic ethos and offers its students the best in terms of  facilities and infrastructure. Our school has helped in bringing  together students coming from different cultures and backgrounds thereby  creating wonderful harmony.

Today DAV fraternity is spread out far  and wide. Our star performers are occupying positions of envy in India  and abroad. Their stories of success in this highly competitive world  have been a source of immense joy to us.

Years if diligence, zeal, zest and  enthusiasm of the highly dedicated and qualified staff combined with the  whole-hearted support and guidance of DAV managing committee has helped  in taking this esteemed institution to even further dizzying heights.

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